Statement on Accessibility

UWRA is committed to offering programs, events, and resources that are accessible to retirees of all abilities. Event-specific accessibility information is included in all event descriptions, and below you’ll find more information about what you can expect from us. Please contact us with any questions or concerns.


In-person events: UWRA’s policy is to provide voice amplification for speakers at all in-person events, except in specific circumstances where we are limited by factors beyond our control.

Online events: Closed captioning is available for all online events, whether live or recorded. Captions are available in multiple languages during live events.


Our website and digital communications are compatible with screen readers and utilize high-contrast sans-serif fonts to accommodate those with low vision.


Although on occasion we may plan a visit to a less-accessible location, our goal is to offer a vast majority of programs that are physically accessible to all. Event descriptions include information regarding activity level and accessibility considerations for those who use wheelchairs, walkers, or other mobility aids, or have other mobility concerns.


If you need the assistance of an aide or companion in order to access our events or programs, that individual is always welcome to accompany you and will not be subject to admission fees or membership requirements associated with a given program or event. To request this accommodation, please contact us. Service animals are always welcome.