We’ve developed a wide range of resources to help you navigate the retirement process. Having trouble figuring out where to start or finding what you’re looking for? We’re always happy to be your first call!

Planning to Retire

Helpful resources and links for pre-retirees, covering the full range of planning topics including required paperwork, workshops and seminars, and a summary of privileges granted to faculty emeritus/a.

UW Retiree Benefits

An overview of the benefits you may be entitled to as a retiree, including health insurance, life insurance, VEBA accounts, pensions, and retirement investment plans.

UW Retiree Privileges

A comprehensive overview of the privileges that accrue to all UW retirees, regardless of employment category or UWRA member status, including parking on the UW campuses, access to technology resources, library privileges, and a variety of discounts and deals.

Retirement Transitions

Resources designed to ease the psychological and emotional transition of retirement, including UWRA programs and workshops, reading lists, and other resources.