Our Mission and Vision

The University of Washington Retirement Association serves the diverse community of UW retirees and pre-retirees. We encourage continued engagement with the UW, foster a purposeful retirement through educational and social programs, celebrate the lasting impact of UW retirees, and advocate for the interests of our members and constituents. We are committed to promoting the multi-faceted aspects of gender, racial and social justice, a commitment we seek to express in all arenas of the UWRA’s operations, activities, and collaborations. We seek to create an environment in which all members feel valued and respected, an environment in which members are drawn to participate fully.

UWRA is committed to offering programs, events, and resources that are accessible to retirees of all abilities. Event-specific accessibility information is included in all event descriptions, and more information about what you can expect from us in our full statement on accessibility.

Our Values

ENACTING: Justice, Diversity, Equity

Line drawing of an old-fashioned scale, with the two sides balanced.Justice and equity begin by recognizing that advantages and barriers exist and are deeply entrenched in historical realities. Diversity is therefore not just about seeking to create organizations/environments with people with different and varied identities, but also recognizing that we do not all start from the same place. To achieve justice and equity we acknowledge these unequal starting places and commit to correct them as best we can.

SEEKING: Knowledge, Education, Truth, Transparency

Line drawing of an open book, with a magnifying glass laying over an open page.We seek to enable life-long learning, motivated by curiosity. Education and open communication are key processes of change and empowerment. All of our learning must be framed by a commitment to truthfulness and honesty, values that underlie all of our communications.

BELONGING: Inclusion, Respect, Welcome

Line drawing of two hands clasped together, as if they are shaking hands.We seek to nurture a strong sense of connection across our membership, recognizing the richness created by our community of classified staff, professional staff, and faculty. We respect diverse traditions, heritages, and experiences.

ENGAGING: Action, Advocacy, Accountability

Line drawing of two interlocking gearsWe commit to active engagement through our programming, our protocols for respectful engagement, and our coordination with other organizations to enact our commitment to understanding and working to dismantle social inequalities and promote social justice.

CULTIVATING: Community, Collaboration, Accessibility, Connection

Line drawing of a heart in the center, with five people radiating out from the heart with their arms raised.Collaboration with partners both within the UW and in the community more generally is central to the UWRA’s work. We seek to offer programs and activities that are accessible to all and that deepen our connections and relationships.