Why Join UWRA

At its heart, the UW Retirement Association is dedicated to advancing the interests of all UW retirees. From parking privileges to social connections to healthcare benefits, we are here to serve you.

As a UW retiree, you will always have a place in the UW community, and the UWRA is proud to be your UW home in retirement.

UWRA’s non-salary operations are entirely self-funded, primarily through member dues. When you join or renew your membership, 100% of your dues go to support the work of the organization.

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UWRA represents UW retiree interests on a wide range of important issues, whether they arise inside or outside the University. Your support makes this work possible.

At the University level, we partner with UW units and leadership to maintain and improve retirees’ access to privileges, including parking, libraries, technology, and more.

At the state level, we monitor proposed changes to retiree health insurance benefits and pensions, and advocate with the Public Employees Benefits Board, the Health Care Authority, and the state legislature on behalf of all UW retirees. UWRA is always working to ensure your concerns are heard and addressed.


We are committed to helping UW retirees remain connected and engaged with one another and with the University. Member dues make it possible for us to offer a wide range of events and programs that specifically serve the interests and needs of UW retirees and older adults. Our members always enjoy priority registration and the best pricing for our wide range events, as well as exclusive access to our member-only events.


As a UW retiree, you are part of a long tradition. Your career was supported by the accomplishments of those who went before you, and your legacy underpins the future success of those who follow. We are proud to honor the legacy of retirees’ service to the University, by celebrating new retirees with the UW community and recognizing the dedication of UW retirees to community service.


In addition to supporting the work of the organization, your UWRA membership unlocks access and discounts with select community partners. Members always have registration priority and the best pricing for our wide range events, as well as exclusive access to our member-only events.