Past Events & Programs



For almost 70 years, the UW greenhouse has played a vital role in research and teaching. Whether focusing on plant-pollinator interactions, paleoclimatology, or other biological questions, its teaching collection has enhanced and inspired UW biological research. The tour provides an opportunity to learn about the fascinating plants the UW community cultivates and studies.


UWRA Husky Sports Fans – Football

Enjoy rooting for the Huskies vs. WSU in the best setting in college football at the Apple Cup!



The Future of Aging: Medical Moonshots

What if we could vaccinate against cancer? Or protect against a flu strain that doesn’t exist yet? Or repair heart muscle damaged by a heart attack? Hear how UW researchers are working to make the unimaginable a reality in these three virtual sessions.


What If…Annual Flu Shots Were a Distant Memory?

COVID and influenza mutate to evade the protective antibodies that follow a vaccination, creating the need for annual updates. Vaccine research aims for one shot that would protect against all current and future variants. Dr. Neil King of the Institute for Protein Design will explain how new technologies are bringing us closer to this goal of a “universal” vaccine.


UWRA Birders to Point-No-Point

Bring your binoculars and join the UWRA Birders on their monthly outings. Contact the UWRA office before attending for the first time. We will connect you with the volunteer leader, and she will add you to her email list and provide you with details about meeting places and carpools.