Planning to Retire

Retiring from the UW can feel daunting, so we’ve gathered a number of resources and helpful links to help you navigate the retirement process.

Your best resource for understanding and completing the tasks relating to retirement from the UW is the UW Benefits Office (206.543.4444). Employees and retirees are assigned to Benefits Consultants based on the first letter of their last name: A-G should contact Carrie DuBord-Atkins ( or 206.543.2806), H-N should contact Cassondra Pascoe ( or 206.543.2805), and O-Z should contact Gerry Grohs ( or 206.543.2810).


The UW Retirement Checklist offers a comprehensive overview of the steps required to retire from UW, organized by timeline beginning at one year prior to retirement.

Anyone wishing to retire from the UW must complete the online UW Retirement Application within 6 months of your UW separation date and no later than 60 days after the separation date. Failure to complete the UW retirement application will render you ineligible for some UW retiree benefits.

Academic personnel are also required to provide notice to their dean or chancellor. More information is available from the Office of Academic Personnel.


You’ll find a summary of useful links in the Nearing Retirement section of the UW Benefits Office website.

The UW Benefits Office offers information-packed monthly online retirement workshops. Many retirees have told us that they found it helpful to attend the workshops more than once — first to get an overview, and then again to dig into details and get answers to specific questions.

Faculty and other academic personnel have additional resources specific to their employment category through the Office of Academic Personnel.

Retirement planning consultations and seminars are available through Fidelity and TIAA for all UW employees and retirees, regardless of the retirement plan you participate in.


Retired Staff
Staff may be eligible to return to limited work at the University after retirement. However, there are limitations on when you can reemploy and how many hours you can work through the year. More information is available on the UW Benefits Office website.

Retired Faculty
Retired faculty have options for returning to partial employment after retirement. More information about eligibility, compensation, and answers to frequently asked questions are available from the Office of Academic Personnel.


Academic personnel who wish to be granted emeritus/a status, an honorary designation used to recognize service to the University, must request consideration from their academic unit.

As continuing, active members of the faculty, emeriti are entitled to certain academic privileges beyond those available to other UW retirees. Per the Office of Academic Personnel, emeriti may:

  • Apply to be the principal investigator for research grants to be administered by the University
  • Be considered to continue as chairs, or to serve on graduate student supervisory committees, as determined on a case-by-case basis
  • Be listed in the online UW directory
  • Be listed in their UW home department’s web page
  • Be appointed by chairpersons to serve as members of University administrative committees (except clinical emeritus/a faculty)

More information about eligibility and the appointment process is available from the Office of Academic Personnel.

The Psycho-social Transition

Retirement is a major life transition. Beyond the nuts and bolts of the process there’s the psychological and emotional impact. We offer programming and resources to help you work through the softer side of retirement, from packing up a lifetime’s work to deciding what a successful and fulfilling retirement looks like for you.

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