Small-Group Intergenerational Ethics Chat

A UWRA - PLATO Collaboration

What is the moral significance of naming and renaming public buildings? Does wealth allow people to make more ethical choices? Is it ever appropriate for a school to implement policies that directly contradict parents’ values and preferences?

The Philosophy Learning and Teaching Organization (PLATO), an independent nonprofit organization affiliated with the UW Department of Philosophy, nurtures young people’s curiosity, critical thinking, and desire to explore big questions like these.

Come join in the fun as UWRA and PLATO team up to bring together UWRA members, local high school students, and PLATO volunteers for an engaging and thoughtful discussion. Gather in small, mixed-age groups with a PLATO facilitator. PLATO will provide the questions and leadership — it will be up to you and the students to see where they lead you! No background in philosophy or ethics is needed.

This program will be held in person in the HUB (Husky Union Building) on the UW’s Seattle campus.