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The ABCs of CBD: Tips for Older Adults

The legalization of CBD products has elevated interest in both research and usage of CBD. Over 20% of Americans 65 years and older say they have tried CBD oil for various ailments. Licensed pharmacist and UW teaching professor Dr. Abby Winter, PharmD, MPA, CDCES, will provide an overview of CBD products.


Exploring Supportive Technologies for Caregiving and Aging in Place

From mobile applications to Artificial Intelligence, this burgeoning field is finding new ways to help older adults stay healthy and connected. Professor Oleg Zaslavsky of the UW School of Nursing and the Digital Health Innovation Hub will provide an overview of the available technologies and their best and safest uses.


Supportive Technologies for Caregiving and Aging in Place: Risks and Ethical Considerations

The universe of digital technologies to support caregiving and aging in place continues to expand. In this presentation, UW professor Clara Berridge (Social Work) will discuss their associated risks and ethical considerations, providing information on why and how families should talk about their decision to use these tools.